You want to eat fresh healthy food that’s delicious and satisfying. I want that for you, too. Meal time should excite you, not frighten you.
When you eat foods that nourish your body, you’ll see the effect in other areas of your life. You’ll feel better because you’ll have more energy. You might be happier, more fun to be around and experience clearer thinking with more focus. You’ll be changing your life… one bite at a time.
Maybe you don’t know how to cook right now. Maybe you like to cook, but don’t have time. Or maybe you’re following a special diet and don’t know what to feed yourself. I’ve been there, too. I get it.
Healthy Cooking Lessons
I come to your home and give you personalized one-on-one cooking lessons so you can learn to make meals that are delicious, healthy and simple to prepare. I provide copies of recipes and educational handouts so that you know why these meals are good for you.
When you schedule your cooking lesson, you’ll choose from the following topics:
  1. Eating for Energy – How to Avoid the 3pm Crash
  2. Cooking with Greens (They’re NOT Just For Salads)
  3. Vegetarian Cooking – Meatless Meals Made Easy
  4. Vegan Cooking – Meatless Meals Made Easy
  5. Gluten Free Meals – How to Eat Wheat-Free
  6. Juices & Smoothies 101 – Become a Blender Chef
  7. Cook Once, Eat Twice – Make Ahead Meals for On The Go
  8. Seasonality – Eating In Season to Support Your Health
  9.  Paleo Foods: Not Just For Cavemen
  10.  Mac & Cheese Makeover – Healthier Comfort Foods
  11.  Boost Your Immunity with Healing Foods
  12.  Superfoods for Maximum Nutrition
  13.  Spice It Up – Seasonings to Support Your Health
Healthy Cooking Lessons are perfect for people who are gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian, vegan, or simply low on energy and short on time!
Ready to get started? Contact me here.