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You know how crazy I am for smoothies, right? But what about juice?
I’m giving myself a little 24 hour reboot today by replacing my meals with raw, fresh juice. It’s something I like to do every few months just to give my digestive system a break. I’ll go back to eating my favorite whole foods tomorrow, but today is all about enjoying some juice!
You don’t have to stick to a liquid-only diet to reap the benefits of freshly pressed juice. Juices (and smoothies) can be part of any nutritious food plan. For example, enjoy your juice between meals as a morning snack or a quick pick-me-up in the afternoon.
Fun fact: When you make juice from raw vegetables, your body absorbs the nutrients within 15 seconds. Talk about an energy shot!
Many of my clients have discovered that juicing is an all-natural way to boost your energy and feel amazing. When you juice your fruits and veggies, you’re extracting all the water and nutrients from them and leaving behind only the plant fibers. By separating the fruit or vegetable from its fiber, we gain access to all of the amazing vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and phytonutrients which are much more easily assimilated by our body than if we were to eat them.
This allows your body to absorb the nutrients more quickly, without having to digest the dense bulk of the plant. You can also fit an amazing amount of veggies into a single glass of juice, making it a great way to use up those extra veggies from your garden or CSA share. PLUS, you will end up with a glass of deliciousness that packs a powerful nutritional punch.
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One more thing: while you can control the quality of ingredients when you are making fresh juice at home, always read your labels when it comes to buying store-bought juice. Some can be high in sugar and have a high glycemic load, which, even though that sugar is natural, may still cause blood sugar imbalances. Look for veggie-heavy juices without much fruit added if you’re concerned about blood sugar spikes.
Here’s my favorite homemade green juice recipe (feed all ingredients into juicer):

Green Juice

And remember: No need to buy those high-sugar and chemical-laden concoctions from your local drug-store or supermarket. These products lack the beneficial enzymes and lack many of the nutrients that make fresh juice good for us. Make your own at home if you have a juicer or get your juice from a local juice shop. (Get your $5 discount at Juice Nashville here)
Happy Juicing!
Let’s get juicy!
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