I’ve been talking with my clients about acidity vs alkalinity in the body. You might remember those terms from chemistry class. So what do they have to do with the foods you eat? 

Simply put, foods either have tendency to produce an acid or alkaline product after they are digested and broken down. The actual pH of the food doesn’t impact whether a food is acidic or alkaline formimg in the body. For example, lemon is very acidic, but it is alkaline forming in the body.

In general, meat, eggs, dairy and refined carbohydrates are acid forming, and most fruits and vegetables are alkaline formimg. Cooked foods are generally more acidic than raw foods.

Why is this important to know? Because disease thrives in an acidic environment.When we eat foods that are loaded with sugar, heavily processed, and nutritionally dead, we are creating an environment in our bodies to feed disease.

On the other hand, when we eat foods that promote alkalinity, we create an environment that discourages disease.

Keep it simple: the more you fill your plate with fresh fruits and vegetables, the more alkalinity you’ll be creating for your body, which means you’re more likely to thrive while reducing inflammation, improving your digestions, and boosting your overall energy. 

Need an alkaline recipe to get you started? Find my Raw Pesto Zoodles recipe here!
Acidity and Alkalinity
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