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Hi! I’m Amber.

I’m a certified Functional Nutrition & Lifestyle Practitioner and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach based in Nashville, TN.

I work with successful professionals who are struggling to overcome digestive issues, fatigue, and inflammation so they can be happier, more alert, and energized while doing the work they love.

I never imagined a temporary job in high school would lead me to the career I have now.

Let me explain...

When I was seventeen years old I worked a summer job at a doctor’s office in the small town where I grew up.

As a naturally cheerful kid, it really bothered me when a patient was grumpy, angry, and downright rude to the office staff. It didn’t take me long to figure out that the patients who were in the worst mood were often the sickest or in the most pain.

After watching this happen on a daily basis, it eventually dawned on me that these patients weren’t bad people.

They just felt bad.

That job in the doctor’s office only lasted a few months and soon I was back in school, excited about my senior year, and preparing for college, eventually forgetting the important observation I made at my summer job that year.


After college, early in my career, my days were spent managing budgets and doing work that was unfulfilling.

By my mid-twenties I was puffy, bloated, and overweight. My work environment was toxic, I had zero energy, and no motivation to get my body moving with exercise. My skin was splotchy, my hair was dull, and my digestion was a mess.

Sugary cereal was my breakfast, lunches were fast food, while diet soda and vending machine chocolates were my afternoon pick-me-up. I bought whatever looked good at the grocery store… frozen pizza, chips, and countless other foods devoid of nutrition.

Can you guess what my mood was like during that time of my life?

I was grumpy, bored, and complained a lot, much like the patients in the doctor’s office years earlier. The cheerful disposition I had as a teen had dissolved into a sour mood that reflected my dissatisfaction with my life.

It’s easy to imagine I wasn’t much fun to be around.

Then one day something shifted within me. Enough was enough and I knew I HAD to take responsibility for my own well being.

I marched into my boss’s office, quit my job, and suddenly had more free time to devote to self-care.

I began changing the way I ate, took walks in nature, started to lose weight, and slowly began having more energy.

It wasn’t long before I found a new job that was interesting, fulfilling, and allowed me to develop new professional skills.


Over time I learned to cook with fresh, whole foods and stopped buying frozen, processed meals.

I read every health book out there, watched countless health documentaries, and spent hours researching the right foods for my body to help me slim down and have more energy.

A year later I had lost 40 pounds, cleared up my skin, normalized my digestion, and completely changed my life in the process.

Gone were the feelings of boredom, anxiety, and grumpiness. I was once again as cheerful as I was at seventeen.

I felt like a newer, happier version of myself.

That’s when I remembered the important lesson I learned years earlier as a summer employee in a doctor’s office…

My emotional health and physical well being are connected! In other words, when I feel good in my body, I’m much happier and more fun to be around.

From that point on, my mission became helping others make this connection, too.

So I took a big leap by enrolling in the world’s largest nutrition school and completely changed the direction of my life.

While completing an intensive health coach training program at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, I began my journey to help others make the same discoveries I did.


Along the way I've continued my education by studying with my mentor, functional nutritionist Andrea Nakayama of the Functional Nutrition Alliance, to deepen my knowledge and further develop my skills, earning a certification as a Functional Nutrition & Lifestyle Practitioner.


Today I have a private practice as a health coach specializing in integrative and functional nutrition practices.

Through individual coaching sessions, I help successful professionals find the root cause of their digestive issues, fatigue, and inflammation so that they can continue to thrive in their professional and personal lives.

What I’ve learned in my journey is that it’s never too late and it’s never too early to change the way you feel. Changing your life doesn't just spontaneously happen. We have to take responsibility and participate in our own well-being.

Read more about my training.

Got questions? I'll be happy to answer. Click here to contact me.

I feel lighter

Bliss Holistic has been instrumental in my recent improvement in my health. Mind, body and spirit are more fulfilled, more informed, and more nurtured and nourished. I have learned so much about eating to serve your body and have become more aware of myself in different ways. I feel lighter both figuratively (inner peace) and literally (weight loss). I am more centered, calm, and my quality of life is better. Thanks Amber!

Erica Rains, Nashville TN

I surpassed my goal

I’m doing the 6 month program and it has been great! I set up 6 month goals and met them early so I came up with more. I had a weight loss goal of 25 lbs which I have surpassed losing 29 thus far with 2 months left on my program; so I’m trying for 40 lb weight loss total by the end of my program. My other goals include choosing nourishing foods, increasing my socialization, improved awareness of body signals, increasing my body/mind balance and well being, and exploring career changes and school. I have also experienced increased energy as a result of working with Amber.

Robin Sartore, Lebanon TN


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