What is vacayflammation?
Vacayflammation is the name I’ve given to the puffiness and inflammation you experience on vacation due to eating foods you wouldn’t normally eat.
If you’ve ever come back from the beach with puffy toes, bloating, and snug fitting clothes, then you’ve experienced classic vacayflammation.

Enjoying fun foods is a highlight of vacation, so go ahead and indulge. Then implement these three tips to conquer vacayflammation and fit back into your favorite summer clothes.
1. Hydration – Eat more high water content foods such as melons, cucumbers, and peaches. Additionally, drink lots of water. When we are not properly hydrated our bodies hang on to fluid which causes water retention. It seems counterintuitive, but consuming more water will actually reduce water retention.
2. Give your digestive system a boost with Triphala – Triphala is an herbal supplement that’s been used for thousands of years to help with inflammation and constipation. Much gentler than a laxative, triphala helps cleanse the colon by strengthening the digestive muscles and pulling mucous from the digestive tract. Find Triphala in the Digestive category of my Fullscript Dispensery.
3. Consider a cleanse – Taking a break from eating inflammatory and allergenic foods can be a great way to reset your system after vacation. Processed foods with chemicals and sugar can wreak havoc on your body. Try cutting them out for a few days with a program like the Simple Summer Detox.
In my Simple Summer Detox I’ll guide you through a short elimination diet designed to reduce inflammation by cutting out the most common inflammatory offenders. Get all the details here.

3 Tips to Conquer Vacayflammation