What clients are saying… 
I feel more empowered. My ability to make better food choices is at a superior level. I’m now able to choose my food based on the impact it has on my body. I love your whole approach to coaching, especially working virtually. It’s a big time saver. 
Jen Levine
Nashville, TN

 Amber is a life saver! When I was recently diagnosed with Meniere’s Disease, I was overwhelmed trying to come to terms with my new lifestyle, let alone learning how to cook and eat a completely differently. Amber listened to my issues, took note of all my dietary restrictions, and quickly produced a clean eating guide that made shopping and cooking easy! I was able to build on her simple meal plans to expand my food options and can now manage my daily sodium intake with ease! Thanks for being awesome, Amber!
Anna-Vija McClain
Nashville, TN


Working with Amber made me realize that health is not just about wise food choices, but looking at your life as a whole. Eating nutritious foods and exercising are very important to my well-being, but the balance I’ve found in the past 6 months has drastically changed my outlook on what being healthy really means. Amber’s positive attitude, gracious spirit and knowledge of nutrition and balance should be a part of everyone’s life. This is the best money I’ve spent all year.
Courtenay Rogers
Franklin, TN

Before I started working with Amber, I was obsessed with perfection. I felt like I needed to eat perfectly, exercise daily and never make a mistake. My mind back then was overly concerned with getting everything “right”. Now I know that I can incorporate healthy foods and activities into my life and give myself the wiggle room to slip up here and there or even make the conscious choice to indulge on occasion. Amber taught me that true health includes not just healthy food and exercise, but also emotional health, spiritual health and so much more!

Kristie Holdren, Nashville
Owner, My Veggie Chef


Bliss Holistic has been instrumental in my recent improvement in my health. Mind, body and spirit are more fulfilled, more informed, and more nurtured and nourished. I have learned so much about eating to serve your body and have become more aware of myself in different ways. I feel lighter both figuratively (inner peace) and literally (weight loss). I am more centered, calm, and my quality of life is better. Thanks Amber!
Erica Rains, Nashville
Owner, The Chef and I

I’m doing the 6 month program and it has been great!  I set up 6 month goals and met them early so I came up with more.  I had a weight loss goal of 25 lbs which I have surpassed losing 29 thus far with 2 months left on my program; so I’m trying for 40 lb weight loss total by the end of my program.  My other goals include choosing nourishing foods, increasing my socialization, improved awareness of body signals, increasing my body/mind balance and well being, and exploring career changes and school.  I have also experienced increased energy as a result of working with Amber.
Robin Sartore
Lebanon, TN