Clean Eating 101
E-book and Companion Recipe Guide

Nourish your body with real whole foods while removing the top three inflammatory offenders: gluten, dairy, and refined sugar. 
The Clean Eating 101 E-book and companion Recipe Guide are educational resources that teach the importance of eating anti-inflammatory foods.
My clients have discovered that when they remove gluten, dairy, refined sugar as well as artificial or processed foods, they begin to experience…
fewer headaches
reduced bloating
regulated digestion
clearer skin
more energy
improved mood
clearer thinking

That’s why I’ve put together this valuable guide for you!

In Clean Eating 101 you’ll discover… 
  • which foods are toxic to the body
  • symptoms of inflammation
  • which foods nourish the body and promote health
  • how to measure your hunger so you don’t overeat
  • a shopping list with recommended foods
  • simple tips for cooking nutritious meals
  • how to choose the best foods at your favorite restaurant
In the accompanying Recipe Guide you’ll find… 
  • over 50 recipes that are free of gluten, dairy, and refined sugar
  • a delicious detoxifying lemonade
  • a savory tomato spinach frittata
  • gluten-free pancakes
  • salads, wraps, soups, and curries
  • pasta, seafood, and grilled entrees
  • yummy desserts that won’t wreck your blood sugar
With the Clean Eating 101 E-book and Recipe Guide you can take the first steps toward feeling nourished and satisfied without deprivation or obsessing about calories. You’ll be equipped to prepare mouth watering meals in your own kitchen and educated about making the best choices when dining out.
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